Sunday, May 17, 2009

17 Ways You As An Individual Can Be A Ropeholder


What the Individual Can Do:

1. Pray for missionaries during personal prayer time as well as during family worship time. Keep a list of missionaries and pray for 2 or 3 of them each day.

2. Read true missionary stories and biographies of missionaries as part of family worship time.

3. "Adopt" a missionary family or two (perhaps one you have had in your home for dinner when they were on deputation or furlough); sincerely care for and fervently pray for them.

4. Regularly write, E-mail, or phone a missionary (get your children involved as well in writing to the MK's.)

5. Send birthday, anniversary, and Christmas cards (again, do not forget the MK's and to get your children involved too).

6. Send care packages.

7. Attend all the services in which missionaries are speaking and/or presenting their ministry.

8. Show hospitality to visiting missionaries on deputation or furlough (be willing to help where needed).

9. Give visiting missionaries prepaid phone cards.

10. Instead of trading in your car, donate it to your church for missionary use; or let a missionary family use an extra car (in good condition) while they are home on furlough.

11. Open your home during vacations and summers to MK's attending Christian college "home side" and help them find short-time employment if needed.

12. If the missionaries have elderly relatives living in your area, offer to provide them help and support on behalf of the missionary.

13. Host and provide meals for visiting missionaries and their families (you and your family will be richly blessed!).

14. Give generously to missionary projects and love offerings for visiting missionaries.

15. Volunteer to serve on the missions committee.

16. Volunteer to maintain the church's missions bulletin board.

17. Give out missionary biographies to encourage others regarding missions.

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