Thursday, May 28, 2009

Free ESL Gospel Curriculm

FILM, CURRICULUM - Tools to Share "The Hope" and Teach English, Too
Source: Roofbreakers

First, have you seen Mars Hill Productions' evangelistic film, The Hope? The 80-minute dramatic presentation is designed to tell the biblical story of redemption, starting with creation. You can use it to share the gospel one chapter at a time or as a seamless whole. It's being used around the world in a variety of languages. (View the film online in English; or order a DVD/VCD.)

Second, in partnership with Mars Hill, a ministry called
Roofbreakers is now distributing a companion English-teaching resource to be used in helping students develop their English skills while sharing the message of The Hope with them.

"This CD-ROM uses beautiful images and audio while also including the full film. This resource is brilliant for short-term teams, classes, and one-on-one tutoring opportunities. Additionally, it can be copied and distributed without charge, making it a cheap and practical gift wherever English is in demand.

"In a spirit of partnership this resource is being distributed free to missionaries and national Christian workers around the globe (although donations for postage are appreciated)."

>> Contact Roofbreakers here.


  1. Great to see your blog.
    Thanks for mentioning the Hope ESL.
    I just noticed that this address is not working.
    You can get me using.


  2. Here is Roofbreakers address...

  3. Thanks for the heads up Peter and for your kind words! May God bless your ministry!!!