Tuesday, May 19, 2009

MOZAMBIQUE - Woman Raised From the Dead

Operation Mobilization Headlines, August 18-24, 2008

Innocencia was ill with malaria, and went into a coma and died. Mozambique OM Country Leader, Antonio Nipueda, was called to the hospital. He prayed Psalm 23 over her and Innocencia revived! The nurses didn't believe it was Innocencia when they saw her, and everyone at the hospital surrounded her to have a look. 

Innocencia was not a Christian before she became ill. She came to faith after she got her life back and went to spend a few days with Bible students. She then went back to pray for other sick people, one of whom subsequently came out of a coma. 
She is now going from house to house sharing her testimony, and has already brought five people to Jesus.

Praise God that He restores life. Pray for Innocencia as she matures in her faith, that God would continue to use her greatly.

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  1. As a journalist working in Mozambique, I would like to check the truth of this extremely unlikely story.

    So can you please supply:

    1. The name of the hospital and the name of the town or city where it is located;

    2. The date of the supposed resurrection; and

    2. The names of the nurses caring for Inocencia.

    Please send this information to my e-mail:

    If I do not receive a reply I shall assume that the story is a pack of lies

    Paul Fauvet
    28 May 2009

  2. Paul Fauvet,

    I am very sorry for getting to you so long after you wrote me. I did not realize that you had made a comment until just a few minutes ago. Please forgive me.

    You wrote that you would assume that this story is a "pack of lies" if I did not reply with the information you requested. Is it safe to assume then that you will believe it if I give that information to you? ;) Obviously not. Respectfully Paul, Im not sure you would believe it if you did interview these people and they all said that this story were true. That includes the woman who was raised from the dead.

    I personally know a man who was murdered and came back to life. Though I was not an eyewitness, there were over 400 eyewitnesses who observed this murder and who saw him days later. One put his hand through one of the mans wounds belonging to the man who was murdered for proof. He did this because he did not believe the man was actually the one who was murdered!
    Regarding the lady who you were inquiring about, you sir are a journalist. I am sure that you were able to read the article and see that I referenced where I located it. So it seems to me that you were not seeking to find out the truth of the matter so much as you were attempting to try to prove to me with logic that this is a bogus account. Sir, again, as a journalist you should know that all I was doing was reporting something that someone else had said; nothing more. I never stated that it was true. In fact I too hold a skeptical eye when I read stories such as this. However, someone stated that it was true. Just because it is "fantastic" does not mean that it isnt true. I know of many "fantastic" stories that have occured throughout the world. None of these stories are stories that have happened to me personally but to people I know and trust. Therefore I am not willing to discount this story.

    If you wish to seek and find out from these eyewitnesses as to the veracity of this story I would be greatly blessed if you would let me know what your findings are whether they are true or in fact a pack of lies.

    Paul I do wish you well in your search for the truth. I pray that I have not offended you because that has not been my intention. I appreciate your reading my blog and would like to encourage you to continue to read and to comment. Dialog is "so very" important.

    May the Father of heaven and earth give you eyes to see and ears to hear,

  3. Paul,
    It is now near the day that we Christians celebrate the birth of the One who I was speaking about in my last reply on June 11th and I have not heard back from you in regards to the voracity of this story. Since you are in Africa and I am not it seems to be that you sir are the one who is better equipped to find out the truth in regards to what I posted. I also encourage you to seek the truth of whether Christ is the Creator of the universe or not. You can do so here BIBLEGATEWAY.COM
    Dios te bendiga