Tuesday, May 19, 2009

MOZAMBIQUE - 'Mad Man' Delivered and Healed

Source: Iris Ministries, December, 2008 

We thank you so much for your prayers for us in our little corner of Mozambique. God has given us two precious brothers, Victo and Anold, who have been evangelizing local villages with a great passion. 

Victo and Anold found themselves ministering to a mad man and his family. The witch doctors had been called for to begin applying their traditional medicines. "But all this is not working!" the uncle explained to Victo and Anold, "My nephew just gets worse and worse."

Victo began to share truth. "The evil spirits that are in the witchdoctor are friends of the witchdoctor, and they work together. Darkness will never flee from darkness! Light causes darkness to flee!"

When the family was met with the challenge of choosing to believe either in God's power or the witchdoctor, they admitted they were too afraid to remove the traditional medicine that had been placed around the mad man's neck.

"No! The madness that has come upon him could be transferred to us if we take off the necklace and burn it!"

Anold and Victo [offered], "If you would like it, we can take off the necklace ourselves and burn it."

The family watched these men of God, Africans like them, walking in the authority of Jesus Christ, sure that the evil spirits had no power over them. 

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