Tuesday, May 19, 2009

It is True!!!

"EE-TAOW" Ee-Taow! The Mouk People of Papua New Guinea They are given a foundation 1st (including the knowldge of sin, the Law -Rom 3:19-20 - and then the Mercy of God is revealed to them. (Law before Grace- Legitimate conversion bears the fruit of Joy) The Whole Tribe Gets Saved and Rejoices for 2 1/2 Hours 
Bible Storying PowerPoints Oralbibe.com 
http://www.goodseed.com/usa/video/ee-taow_vhs.aspx http://www.newwway.org/articles/Eetaow%20and%20Storying.pdf http://www.chronologicalbiblestorying.com/storying_ppts_index.htm 
www.BryanTurner.org www.livingwaters.com

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