Saturday, July 19, 2014

What Do Your Legs Look Like?

The best question isn't "Do I have good theology, bad theology, strong theology or weak theology?"
I know many (thankfully very, very few personally) who hold to certain doctrines who proudly pound drums with great zeal regarding the greatness of their theology, yet who have very weak legs in which to carry that theology as a messenger of Good News in their everyday lives.
I also know many who are weak(er) in their faith and are not (yet) mature in their theology who shine bright because they better reflect their Savior. And though their ability to proclaim their message is not well developed, their legs are legs of marathoners and they run strong, they run proud and they run fearlessly as they allow the Message they carry to change lives.
So the better question isn't "Do I have good theology or bad theology?" but, "Am I obeying what I understand of God's Word and am I being changed by it and is that change causing others to see Jesus in me?"
Maybe we should also start to ask ourselves these two questions, "Do I look more like Jesus or the Pharisees?" And, "Am I worshiping a theology or the God who that theology points to?"

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