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Chuck Colson’s book, Being the Bodytells the story with an eye to the role of the Church. It all began with a Hungarian Reformed congregation that would rather bring down the government than part with their pastor…
The following is an abbreviated excerpt from Colson’s Being the BodyI hope you will pick up the book and read the whole story.
Communism and the Rise of Nicolae Ceausescu
Nicolae_CeausescuIn the 1940′s and 50′s, under young leaders like Nicolae Ceausescu, Romania’s nightmare began. Multiplying like cockroaches, the Communists eliminated the light of opposition any way they could. Students and peasants, pastors and priests – over the years, millions were thrown into prison. Many died there...
Waiting to Be Exiled
...the secret police must have concluded that killing Tokes (a pastor or the Hungarian Reformed Church who would not bow to Communism) would simply make him a martyr. Instead, they would render him ineffective by exiling him to a small, remote village outside of Timisoara. A court ordered his eviction from his home and church, setting the date for December 15, 1989.
On Sunday, December 10, Laszlo Tokes looked out over the upturned faces of his congregation. ”Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,” Tokes announced, “I have been issued a summons of eviction. I will not accept it, so I will be taken from you by force next Friday. They want to do this in secret because they have no right to do it. Please, come next Friday and be witnesses of what will happen. Come, be peaceful, but be witnesses.”
Click HERE to continue reading this fascinating article. See what God did and how Communism was toppled.

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