Saturday, July 19, 2014

Accountability Questions for Groups

  1. Here is an outline with the DNA elements in parenthesis:
    • Ask: What are you thankful for this week?  (Prayer/Worship)
    • Ask:  What has stressed you out this week?  What do you need for things to be better?  (Intercession)
    • Ask:  What are the needs of the people in your community? (Ministry)
    • Ask:  How can we help each other with the needs we expressed? (Ministry)
    • Ask:  What did we talk about last week? (Review/Accountability)
    • Ask:  Did you change anything in your life as a result of last week’s story? (Accountability/Obedience)
    • Ask:  Did you get a chance to share the story with [the person they identified]? (Accountability/Evangelism)
    • Ask:  We identified several needs last week and planned to meet those needs.  How did it go? (Accountability/Ministry)
    • Say:  Let’s see what the Bible teaches us this week. Read this week’s passage. (Scripture)
    • Ask for someone to retell the passage in his or her own words.  Like they were telling a friend who wasn’t there. (Understanding/Evangelism)
    • Ask the Group: Do you agree with their retelling?  Is there something they added or left out that they shouldn’t have?  As long as the group doesn’t miss a key component of the passage, continue.  If they miss something, read the passage again.  If someone states something that isn’t in the passage, ask, “Where did you find [what they said] in this passage?”  Reread the passage, if necessary. (Priesthood of Believers/Group Correction/Understanding)
    • Ask:  What does this passage teach us about God? (Discovery/Scripture/Priesthood of Believers)
    • Ask:  What does this passage teach us about humanity? (Discovery/Scripture/Priesthood of Believers)
    • Ask:  If we believe this passage is from God, how must we change? (Discovery/Scripture/Obedience/Priesthood of Believers)
    • Ask:  Who are you going to share this passage with before we meet again? (Evangelism/Replication)
    • Ask:  When do you want to meet again? This is a practical question.  You will never get someone to commit to a 26-week study.  But, you can give them the option to meet again next week.  If they are really seeking and if the meeting is filling a need, they will tell you they want to meet again.

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