Friday, March 4, 2011

Rejoice! God's Word has Arrived!!!

Justin Taylor writes: "Take ten minutes and let your heart break and burn, weeping with joy along with brothers and sisters you will only meet in heaven".
For, us Americans, a people who have at least 2-3 Bibles in their homes, just how hard is it for us to understand the joy of these people who receive the New Testament for the first time?
I remember reading Marilyn Lazlo's book where she told of the New Testament being brought up the river to the people she had been living with for numerous years. While living with them, she translated the Bible into their language and taught them how to read and write.
She told of the great joy the people felt and expressed as God's Word was being brought to them. The people lined the banks and shouted with joy! Because a treasure far beyond anything that money could buy was about to be handed to them for the first time."

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