Thursday, April 21, 2011

What color is this car?... Are you sure?

What color is this car? Is it white? Are you sure?... Watch closely. After the car comes out from behind the large cluster of trees you will be able to see what color the car actually is. Get ready, you WILL be surprised!
After you have determined the true color of this car, go to comments and read the follow up.

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  1. Sorry about that. There is a good reason for showing you this video. Growing up in a small town in Texas, I was cocooned from much of the dangers of this world. Even after moving to a small college town for college and eventually on to Fort Worth (a metropolitan area of more than 6 million) I still did not truly understand some of the dangers of this world because the areas that were potentially dangerous, were not areas that I would enter. I would stay in my comfort zone.
    However, there are cities in this world where people are not really able to this, for example New York City, Tokyo, London, Vancouver, Toronto, Mexico City etc... These are cities where everyone is mixed. Though there are types of segregated areas (as in rich, poor, black, white, Muslim, Catholic), the segregation is not the same as you will find for people who grow up in Small Town USA, where every one is white, middle classed, Catholic/Protestant.
    Many of these neighborhoods that are not like those of the ones from Small Town, USA are dangerous. You can find everything from purse snatchers to murderers walking the streets right beside you. The bad part is that if you are not constantly aware of your surroundings and prepared for someone to jump out to get you, you will be blindsided like many of you were when watching this video.
    So, the point is, BE AWARE of your surroundings... ALWAYS! and NEVER be caught off guard.