Monday, April 11, 2011

Bears in our Midst

After you have watched the video and counted the number of passes (remember it is VERY important that you count ALL the passes) made between the people dressed in WHITE in this video, click on comments in order to better understand why we have looked at this clip.
And, lol, NO this is NOT one of the clips where someone in a mask jumps in front of the screen and scares the living daylights out of you! So don't worry! :) Sit back, relax and count. Again it is very important for you to get the right number, otherwise you will not be able to proceed through the exercise, so concentrate!
Please watch the clip before reading the comments. Have fun!!!! :)


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  2. Most of you probably got the number right—and about half of you probably saw the bear! In the midst of all the basketball passes, someone in a bear suit walked into the frame, danced and then moonwalked out. In every setting where the video has been shown, about half saw the bear. There’s no accounting for age or gender or level of education: some see it and some don’t.

    The point of the clip in a message on evangelism: Opportunities for spiritual conversations show up in our lives all the time, and we often miss them. We’re too busy counting basketball passes. Our whole focus is on getting through work, house hold chores or completing our school assignments.
    Our whole focus is on our work obligations or meeting budget. Our whole focus is on the fact that we don’t feel well and the doctor hasn’t quite figured out how to fix it. We’re just counting basketball passes and right in the middle of it all, opportunities for natural spiritual conversations arise like a bear moonwalking through our lives and we don’t even notice.

    So, have any bears appeared in your busy, distracted life this week?

    How does the bears show up?

    So, in regards to being short term missionaries we need to ask ourselves an important question:

    Are we being missionaries at home in Granbury, Tx? God commanded us to make disciples. Where is that to take place? It is not only to take place just across the border or across the ocean, but across the street. If we are not being everyday, at home, missionaries, what makes us think that we will be missionaries when we go to another place or to another country? If the answer you gave was "no", then I encourage you to Google "Soma Communities" or "The Crowded House". These people have excellent suggestions on how to live missional lives and also ways that you can explain the Gospel without sounding like a cheesy in a canned approach.