Monday, October 1, 2012

Tullian Tchividjian - Liberty University Convocation

Tullian Tchividjian

Rethinking The Christian Life

This past week I had the privilege of, once again, speaking at Liberty University’s Convocation (North America’s largest weekly gathering of Christian students). I love the students there.

Assuming that many of them grew up, like I did, thinking that the focus of the Christian faith was the life of the Christian, my goal was to remind them that this whole thing is riding on Jesus’ work for us, not our work for him. In fact, I told them that the way many of us think about sanctification is not very sanctified–it’s downright narcissistic. We think way too much about how we’re doing, if we’re growing, whether we’re doing it right or not. We spend too much time brooding over our failures and reflecting on our successes. I admitted that the more I focus on my need to get better, the worse I actually get. I become self-absorbed–the exact opposite of how the Bible describes what it means to be sanctified.

I reminded them that spiritual growth is realizing how utterly dependent we are on Christ’s cross and mercy–It’s not arriving at some point where we need Jesus less and less because we’re getting better and better.

In short, when we stop focusing on our need to get better, that’s what it means to get better. When we stop obsessing over our need to improve, that’s what it means to improve!

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