Thursday, February 9, 2012

A man in a White Robe

The following story can be found on page 60 of Beth Moore's book "Voices of the Faithful".

Did you ever wake up remembering a dream? It's interesting how sometimes we forget our dreams, while other times they seem so real. The Bible speaks of dreams and visions; but in our sophisticated world, many dismiss the idea that God still speaks to us this way!
In South Asia, people are open to the idea of receiving messages from God in dreams. While walking in a rural area of my country with volunteers, an old lady, bent with age, started yelling at us. She was very excited! She told us that a man in a white robe appeared to her in a dream and told her that if she came to the river that day, she would find men who would give her God's Word. She repeatedly yelled, "are you the men?" We gave her a Bible in her language. She hugged it and said that all her life she had been seeking God's Word and that she would read it to her children and grandchildren. When they knew God's Word, she said, she could then die in peace.
An hour later, we saw a man running toward us. We learned that he also had a dream telling him where he would find strangers that day with God's Word. When we gave him the Bible, he held it up over his head ans shouted, "Thank You, God, for sending me Your Truth today. May I be worthy to read and understand it."
Does God still speak to people in dreams? God often speaks to unreached people groups by this method.
-A worker in South Asia

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